Time is right to remortgage

Look at remortgage your property to save thousands

Those borrowers who are currently on an SVR (Standard variable Rate) mortgage could potentially save thousands by remortgaging onto a fixed rate.

Homeowners who remortgage from a lender’s standard variable rate (SVR) to a fixed product could save a good deal on their mortgage costs.

For example moving an outstanding mortgage of £150,000 to a two-year fixed rate deal, including paying a £999 fee, could save the borrower more than £4,500 over two years.

In fact when moving the £150,000 mortgage to a fixed rate deal over a three-year period to be upwards of £6,000; therefore very worthwhile considering and investigating.

Further savings might even be achieved still if you are able to find a deal with no or much lower fees.

Interest rates are still falling

Last year the number of products with no fees was 1,709, now it is 2,007 – an increase of 17%. (Source Moneyfacts)

And many of these no-fee deals are offering great fixed rate options including many under 2%. Some fixed rate deals have been falling greatly in the past four months. (Source Mortgage Brain). Since April a two year fixed rate mortgage has become 8% cheaper

Now is therefore a great time to start getting in contact and getting a comparison quote and see how much you may be able to save on your mortgage costs which are at a historically low level considering the only likely movement is upwards.

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