Useful tips for selling your property

It’s a popular time of year for selling your property – as the warm weather breaks through and the Summer fast approaching, house movers just want to imagine themselves sunbathing, and cracking open that prosecco in the new garden of their dream property.  But first you have to say goodbye to your current home  – so what can you do to help it sell a little quicker?

Give it some kerb appeal

They say that first impressions are important and that’s the absolute truth when it comes to viewing property.   Whilst the inside is important in terms of practicality, an impressive exterior could help to give your property the edge.    Freshen up any peeling paint on the front door or fences, clean all the windows and keep the garden and borders tidy. If you have a path to the property, sweep it clean – or give it a good jetwash if you think it needs it.


Whilst people viewing your home aren’t expecting you to completely empty it of all your personal belongings, they also want to be able to envisage themselves living there and too much clutter in the home could be somewhat of a barrier.

Don’t remove all your personality from the home though – sometimes this can be a good selling point as you’re helping to sell a lifestyle – just get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that’s cluttering up the rooms.

Make it light and airy

We can’t guarantee that we’ll get beautiful sunshine for all your viewings so with our typical British dull weather, it’s important to make your home as light as possible.  Open all your curtains as wide as they’ll go, and open any blinds you have.  Switch on lamps in dark corners and consider putting up mirrors to help reflect the light and give the impression that your room is much bigger than it is.

Fix that problem!

How many of us have a list of small jobs around the home that we just keep putting off.  Make sure that any minor repairs in the property are taken care of before you open your home to viewings.  Things like holes in walls, cracked tiles or broken handles can easily catch someone’s eye and this could lead to the viewer seeking out other things that are wrong with the house.  Many buyers don’t want to make any changes when they move in, so having your property in a decent state of repair is imperative.

Keep it clean!

You may have a minor aversion to the vacuum cleaner but you need to make an exception if you’re selling your property.  Clean your windows, floors and work surfaces and make sure there are no hidden cobwebs in dark corners or dust lying on out of reach shelves.  You may be able to overlook it, but likelihood is your buyers won’t.

Open windows and use room fragrances to keep your home smelling lovely and hang up fresh towels in the bathroom.

It’s all about the kitchen

For many buyers, the kitchen is the ‘dealbreaker’ so make the most of it.   Keep your work surfaces free from clutter – a fruit bowl or a few cookbooks are allowed!  If your kitchen is a bit dated, and you can’t afford to replace it, then you may want to consider a quick refresh.  You could paint or replace the cupboard doors which is a cost effective alternative to a whole new kitchen or replace the worktop if it is old and scratched.

Staying neutral

Bright green kitchen?  Purple bathroom?  You may have loved it, but bright colours in a home aren’t to everyone’s tastes.  Where you can, try to repaint in neutral colours – this will allow your buyers to visualise the home in the way they want to without being forced to consider how their furniture will go with all the colours on the spectrum.


Whilst we’ve told you to declutter, some strategic accessories placed around the home can really help to sell your property.   You can’t really go wrong with some natural houseplants or some fresh flowers.


The above post is intended to be informative but does not constitute advice – financial, legal or otherwise. Any opinions given are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of SO Media.



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