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Buy to Let Stamp Duty Calculator

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Stamp duty for buy-to-let investors and second homeowners.

                         Buy to let stamp duty rates

Portion of                       Old stamp             New stamp duty rate                                 property price               duty rate                 (as of April 2016)

£0 - £125,000                     0%                                 3%

£125,000 - £250,000           2%                                5%

£250,001 - £925,000           5%                                 8%

Stamp Duty for Buy to let Property

Stamp duty tax liability for anyone purchasing an additional property has increased from April 2016

This means the majority of Buy to Let purchases now attract an additional 3% stamp duty charge. There is also a new starting threshold of £40,000 which will probably apply to nearly all Buy to Let transactions.

The stamp duty increase will apply to all Buy to Let purchases unless total individual ownership is limited to a single dwelling. i.e. the purchaser does not already own other residential property.

Existing Property Owners

Someone who already owns a Buy to Let property, who wishes to purchase another one to rent out, the higher SDLT rate will now apply. The higher rate will also apply if they decide to buy any additional residential property, unless it is to be used to replace their existing main residence. Similarly someone who already has a main residence, who wishes to purchase an additional property to let out, the higher SDLT rate will apply.

Calculate the cost of your buy to let stamp duty

Enter your house value below to calculate the cost of the stamp duty.

This is the up to date calculation for 2016 onwards

This calculator is for buy to let and second home properties, for residentail propertises click here