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How much could I save?

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Saving on costs and expenditure in any form is no different when it comes to mortgages. Existing borrowers are therefore most likely to want to know if they can save money by switching or re -mortgaging to another product or lender.

The best way to have this properly assessed is to ask Mortgage Finder to check your current rate against the whole of the mortgage market being something you would not have the wish or time to do yourself.

Mortgage Finder will make a proper comparison assessment of your current mortgage and the whole mortgage market and all types of mortgage providing you with the knowledge and understanding of how much you may be able to save overall.

How much could you save?:

Using the below assumptions you can amend the boxes to calculate how much you new rate would save you each month:

This calculator is only for estimating your monthly payment, fees and other factors may affect the actual monthly payment.