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It is important regarding anything we purchase to know what it will actually cost at the end of the day and offer value for money spent.

A mortgage is of course really not any different in that you are looking for the best rate that can suit your mortgage needs.

All lenders are looking for your business and can do so in so many different ways however it is not always the obvious low interest rate that is the most suitable product for you and this has to be closely assessed including fees charged by lenders.

Mortgage products come in all types and various forms and as lenders provide different mortgages for different mortgage needs it is important to be able to compare properly their real costs to you. Mortgage Finder will compare the benefits of an interest rate and also the costs of fees that may be charged by lenders mortgage products therefore the broader picture will be revealed more accurately with the information and advice we can provide.

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Using the below assumptions you can amend the boxes to calculate your estimated monthly payments:

This calculator is only for estimating your monthly payment, fees and other factors may affect the actual monthly payment.

Be aware of variable rates, could you face a payment rise?

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