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If your company is considering constructing a new building, moving to new premises, expanding facilities or modifying your existing accommodation contact us any time for a preliminary discussion without any obligation.

UK Commercial Mortgages and Remortgages can be used for a variety of purposes. For example the purchase of a new business, expansion, refinancing or debt consolidation. Some lenders have specialist knowledge in certain fields, such as agricultural loans, caravan sites, shops and retail outlets, post offices, office letting and office accommodation, buy to let properties, hotels and many more.

MORTGAGE FINDER can search out that specialist lender who will not only offer a loan at competitive rates, but also provide a dedicated specialist adviser who can provide business advice in various fields of expertise.

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It can be very difficult at times to obtain the most suitable commercial mortgage rates for your business circumstances without an excellent knowledge of the market and good relationships with the lenders. The money you save could differ substantially depending on which lender you borrow from, since every commercial mortgage lender has a different area they specialise in. Some commercial mortgage lenders are more flexible with repayments than others, some are willing to lend to businesses with bad credit history and some will lend larger amounts than others. In order to make the most of your loan capital, and minimise the risk of getting a bad deal, it is recommend that you use a commercial mortgage broker who has access to the whole of the market place.

We are pleased to offer you a no-obligation consultation to assess your requirements and provide a finance solution that is appropriate for you and your business.