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The financial consequences of unemployment, accident or illness could be quite disastrous.

What have you therefore done to protect your income and financial obligations?

Have you proper Income Protection Insurance Cover in place?

It is not so much the cost to protect an income it is really the expense that can result by having nothing to fall back on to support your financial obligations when the unexpected occurs. The myth that Employers and the State will provide is becoming even more unlikely and therefore being more in control of your finances and being self-reliant is now so very important.

We quite naturally insure our car our home and contents and even our holiday when we travel yet what insures the money that pays to maintain and provide for all these and many other obligations should income cease due to Unemployment, Accident or illness.

Income protection insurance can be designed to suit individual needs and budgets and can also be arranged for the Self Employed.

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Income protection offers you financial support should you be out of work due to an accident or illness.

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