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Getting Advice on Savings & Investments

If you have money to spare, you need save or invest it wisely.

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If you have money to spare, you need save or invest it wisely. Putting your money aside without risk is often the aim, usually with the chance to earn interest. By Investing your money, there is potential for your money to grow, but the returns are not always guaranteed. Investing is therefore generally more suitable for the longer term money savings planning.

When getting advice on your savings and investments it's important to know what type you're getting and to check that your adviser is authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). You also need to understand whether you're getting advice or just 'information'.

It is therefore prudent to investigate your savings and options properly and indeed professionally as it could save you a great deal in the longer term. You still have to evaluate matters for yourself but an informed decision is a safer one. There is a difference between information and advice and the following will help you understand this.

Difference between information and advice on savings and investments.

If you're looking for savings or investment advice it's important to bear in mind a few key points:

Getting advice on investments

Investments may grow but this is not guaranteed - they could fall in value or you could lose your money altogether. Because of these risks it's important to consider getting financial advice before buying an investment. An adviser will look at your individual circumstances and needs before making a recommendation, and will explain any investment risks.

FSA authorisation

Financial advisers may be authorised to offer advice in one or more areas, such as pensions, life/non-life insurance, general investments and/or mortgages. Before making a recommendation, financial advisers must:

Comparing the service and products on offer

Under FSA rules financial advisers must give you documents carrying the Keyfacts sign. These are in a standard format and are designed to make it easier for you to compare what you're being offered by explaining:

(Firms can only say they offer independent advice if they recommend from the whole market and also offer you the option to pay a fee rather than commission.) A financial adviser must also give you a 'key features' document before you buy any investment product (sometimes called a 'key facts illustration' for mortgages). This will describe the nature, aims and risks of the scheme in a standard format to help you understand and compare it to other products. It will also confirm how your adviser will be paid.