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Mortgage rates and mortgage products will always depend on your credit history. If you have a clean credit history you will probably find that you can be offered the best mortgage deals available in the UK.

If however, you have missed payments or have CCJ's or generally just a poor credit history then fewer mortgage lenders will be keen to offer you a mortgage deal that is as attractive as those with a clean credit history. It is however still possible with the right advice to find the right mortgage and remortgage for you as it is all about how facts and information is presented to a lender and that is where Mortgage Finder can be of valuable assistance.

Applying for a mortgage through us our mortgage team will search the whole mortgage market for the best mortgage and remortgage deal available that suits you saving you the time and probably money.

It is not the end of being able to obtain a mortgage if you have poor credit it is a matter of being able to plan and properly prepare how to approach the matter properly and that is where Mortgage Finder will help.

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